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Law School news posted by Emily on Wed 20 Mar, 2019

Finding things tough and need a listening ear?

Life as a law student can be tough at times…..

If you are finding things difficult and would like to talk to someone, your Student Welfare Officer, Su Cassidy will be available in A221 (College Building second floor, near spiral staircase) at the following times:

Tuesdays           1.00-3.00 pm

Wednesdays      2.00-4.00 pm

Fridays               10.00 am-12.00

You can book an appointment with Su at another time or at Gray’s Inn Place by emailing

Law School news posted by Emily on Sun 25 Nov, 2018

Accessing the FT online

Those of you wanting to improve your commercial awareness will know that the Financial Times is a useful tool for this.

Those of you who already have an account with will now need to re-register.

If you're new to City and would like to register for an account, please follow the info provided via the library website.

Law School news posted by Emily on Thu 14 Sep, 2017

Need to use another library to find materials?

Read all about the Sconul Access scheme via the City Library Services website.

Law School news posted by Emily on Mon 4 Sep, 2017
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Current Awareness Headlines

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Upcoming Law Events

Mon 24 June, 2019
A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and The Law

24th June 2019
A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and The Law

Event Time: 6pm

Venue: A110 College Building, City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB

What is the relationship between street art and the law? In his latest book A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law, Andrea Baldini argues that street art has a constitutive relationship with the law. A crucial aspect of the identity of this urban art kind depends on its capacity to turn upside down dominant uses of public spaces. Street artists subvert those laws and social norms that regulate the city. It is shown that street art has not only transformed public spaces and their functions into artistic material, but has also turned its rebellious attitude toward the law into a creative resource.

The book aims at elucidating and arguing for this claim, while drawing important implications at the level of street art’s metaphysics, value, and relationship with rights of intellectual property, in particular copyright and moral rights. At the other end of the spectrum of contractual art, street art is outlaw art.

Professor Andrea Baldini will present his latest book APhilosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law, with Dr Susan Hansen (Middlesex University), Dr Sabina Andron (University College London), Dr Rafael Schacter (University College London) and Dr Enrico Bonadio (City, University of London) discussing the arguments developed in the book.

Sign up via City Events

[External Link]

Event posted by Emily on Tue 4 June, 2019
Tue 2 July, 2019
The YTL Law and Justice Forum: Technology and Manipulation

2nd July 2019
The YTL Law and Justice Forum: Technology and Manipulation

Event Time: 11:30-18:30

Venue: BH Lecture Theatre 2 & BH (S) 4.03, Bush House, King's College London 30 Aldwych Strand London WC2B 4BG

The YTL Centre usually holds three 'Law and Justice' forums per year. These are one day events that discuss major questions of the day by bringing to bear inter-disciplinary perspectives from politics, philosophy and law.

The aim of the Forum on 'Technology and Manipulation' is to explore how recent technologies can be used (and have been used) to influence our behaviour in ways that bypass our capacity to deliberate as autonomous agents. This is the case both in relation to exercises of individual autonomous agency (for example, when particular software tracks our behaviour and directs us to make certain purchases or adopt a certain lifestyle) and in relation to exercises of collective agency (a recent example is the Russian interference in a number of elections via the use of bots and fake social media accounts). To explore this issue, this forum will bring together legal and political philosophers as well as experts in computer science and communication. 

Please note that attendance for the entire event is not compulsory, but you must register in advance.

[External Link]

Event posted by Emily on Fri 17 May, 2019
Wed 3 July, 2019
The Perennial Problem of Disclosure

3rd July 2019
The Perennial Problem of Disclosure

Event Time: 9.30-4pm

Venue: Room 2X112, Bristol Business School (X Block), Frenchay Campus

Join us for a one-day conference at UWE Bristol Law School on the topic “The Perennial Problem of Disclosure – A way forward?” This event is sponsored by the annual Socio-Legal Scholars Association's Annual Seminar Series and the Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR). Organised by Ed Johnston from our Criminal Justice Research Unit.

The confirmed speakers for the conference are:

Anthony Edwards is a criminal defence solicitor who specialises in corruption, fraud and major crime. He is widely acknowledged as one of the leading authorities on Police Station law and he has published widely in the areas of criminal procedure.

Anthony will be speaking on the topic 'Contemporary issues with disclosure in the police station'.

Dr Abenaa Owusu-Bempah is an Assistant Professor of Law at the London School of Economics. Her research interests focus on criminal procedure and fair trial rights. Her recent book, Defendant Participation in the Criminal Process, examines how the disclosure provisions of the CrimPR compel the defendant to actively participate in their own criminal trial. The book examines how the adversarial criminal process can be effected by essentially non-adversarial provisions.

Abeena will be speaking on the topic 'Reconsidering defence disclosure'.

Dr Hannah Quirk is a reader in Criminal Law at Kings College London. Her research interests centre around wrongful convictions and sentences. She has published extensively on the erosion of the Right to Silence and wrongful convictions.

Hannah will be speaking on the topic 'Uncovering disclosure errors: Appeals and the CCRC'.

[External Link]

Event posted by Emily on Fri 12 April, 2019
Wed 3 July, 2019
Regional Approaches to International law

3rd July 2019
Regional Approaches to International law

Event Time: 6-7:30pm

Venue: A227 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB

How do we understand the effect that regional approaches are having in the international legal landscape? This panel, comprising of experts on Russian and Chinese approaches to international law, will discuss these and other cross-cutting issues.

Find out more about speakers and book via City Events.

[External Link]

Event posted by Emily on Tue 28 May, 2019
Tue 16 July, 2019
How global is cyber law regulation?

16th July 2019
How global is cyber law regulation?

Event Time: 6-7:30pm

Venue: AG01 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB

This seminar considers the global dimension to cyber law-making and how we should understand the emerging convergences and fragmentations between systems and practices emerging.

Find out more about speakers and book via City Events.

[External Link]

Event posted by Emily on Tue 28 May, 2019


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Database Support Materials


i-law is THE database for those interested in maritime and commercial law. At City we subscribe to the Maritime and Insurance & Reinsurance modules.

Prime resources include Lloyds Law Reports and the Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly.

This database requires an individual username and password - ask your library for this.

Need extra help? Check out the guide and videos.


Lexis is an immense database with access to cases, legislation and journal articles. Practitioner texts are also available, including Blackstones Criminal Practice, Lester & Pannick: Human Rights Law and Practice, Paget's Law of Banking, Whish: Competition Law amongst 149 others.

You can also access really monster Lexis publications - Halsbury's Laws (the legal encyclopedia) and Halsbury's Statutes amongst them.

Law report-wise you can find many key series in LNB: All England Law Reports (All ER), The Law Reports (AC, QB, Ch etc), Times Law Reports (TLR) amongst others.

Access using your IT username and password.

Need extra help? Kristina Voronenko is your LexisNexis Student Associate and can provide online research support to students and staff.


Westlaw is a huge database containing cases, legislation and journal articles. Searching for cases within Westlaw is a joy, particularly thanks to the Case Analysis function. This cool tool almost does your research for you, listing lots of extra stuff about a case; its history, where its been cited subsequently and, best of all, all the journal articles which talk about your case.

Law report series included in Westlaw include the Weekly Law Reports (WLR), The Law Reports (AC, QB, Ch etc), Fleet Street Reports (FSR), Common Market Law Reports (CMLR) and Housing Law Reports amongst others.

The journal collection is admirable; including the Conveyancer (Conv), Criminal Law Review (Crim L.R.), European Law Review (E.L.Rev), Law Quarterly Review (LQR), Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (OJLS) and Public Law (P.L.) as well as loads more...




HeinOnline is an American database which offers access to a huge number of journals. Unlike Lexis or Westlaw it generally offers full coverage of journal titles, ie. from volume 1, issue 1.

It offers a wide selection of American Journals with extensive coverage, eg. Harvard Law Review (1887-), Yale Law Journal (1891-).

Its collection of English journals is growing and key ones to remember are as follows: Cambridge Law Journal (1921-), Industrial Law Journal (1972-1997), International and Comparative Law Quarterly (1952-), Law Quarterly Review (1885-), Legal Studies (1981-)

Access using your IT username and password.

There's a Hein App now too -

All databases require a City Law School student account for access. If you have trouble using a database, please email the Law Library or use the helpdesk form.

Electronic Journals, Reports and Texts

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All the e-journals, reports and texts available to City Law School students are collected on our separate E-texts Library where they are freely searchable and sortable according to many different categories and keywords.

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